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13 Abandoned Places Of America Will Change Your Perception Of The Country

An American Stonehenge, is an archaeological site consisting of a number of large rocks and stone structures scattered around roughly 30 acres (120,000 m2) within the town of Salem, New Hampshire in the northeast United States. America’s Stonehenge is open to the public for a fee. Part of a recreational area that includes snowshoe trails and an alpaca farm, it is a tourist attraction, with particular appeal to believers in New Age systems.

A number of hypotheses exist as to the origin and purpose of the structures. One viewpoint is a mixture of land-use practices of local farmers in the 18th and 19th centuries and construction of structures by owner William Goodwin in the 1930s. Claims that the site has pre-Columbian European origins are regarded as controversial, possibly even pseudo archaeological, or as the result of an early-20th century hoax. Archaeologist David Starbuck has said that “It is widely believed that Goodwin may have “created” much of what is visible at the site today”.

Abandoned World War II tanks like Sherman Tanks, Tiger I, Panzer IV tanks and bunkers still standing in jungles and on beaches. A cable car spanning one of the South Pacific’s most spectacular harbors.  Owing to the newly developed attractions in the cities the U.S. territories don’t get much attention, but these far-flung islands are as captivating and important as anywhere else in the nation—I am always amazed at the sites and am always curious to know more about these areas.

The author visited all five territories—Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands—while researching his new book, THE NOT-QUITE STATES OF AMERICA, in this book he has tried to explain the roles of these territories in American history, past and present, the tales these places tell though very seldom they get the attention they so richly deserve.  

The author was fortunate that he had an opportunity to interact with the people who lived in these places, spoke to hundreds of people about their culture, the heritage and more importantly about their everyday lives, stories of these often-overlooked parts of the USA.During these sojourns he also travelled back roads and into the jungle to see buildings and sites from the territories’ pasts, including some places that were responsible in altering the course of US history. Unfortunately such paces are rather ignored and not given the due attention that they so richly merit

 A brief synopsis of travels is discussed in this small piece that the author has written, a small tribute and very brief  highlights—and, of course, they’re just the beginning of the territories’ stories.

This piece at the end describes a couple of Minor Outlying Islands, which regrettably  the author couldn’t visit personally more because of the distances involved and the conditions since most of them are  remote, uninhabited and technically off-limits still they have tremendous potential for the Hollywood bigwigs to screen them in their ventures.

  1. 1 The North Field on Tinian (Northern Mariana Islands)

    apa 2

    Before the World War II, the island of Tinian was a Japanese colony and one of the nation’s key military outposts in the Pacific (this photo shows one of the air administration building). The US military invaded in 1944, the US army took control and expanded the military infrastructure and enlarged the facilities, by constructing four parallel runways and hence transformed this airfield to one of the busiest in the world. This site holds special significance in the annals of world history as the two atomic bombs were loaded to the aircraft at these very sites in August 1945, and sent on their fateful journeys to Japan. Today, this whole sprawling site is abandoned—no tours, no admission fees, no gates … just old dilapidated structures useless tanks and runways slowly disintegrating and being taken over by the jungle. Tinian, along with the rest of the Northern Mariana Islands was officially declared as part of the USA in 1976.

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13 Abandoned Places Of America Will Change Your Perception Of The Country

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