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13 Benefits Of Drinking More Water Every Day

Water has huge health benefits that many people don’t know about. There are many bad things we feel that could be as a result of a lack of water. If you can keep up a regular healthy water diet then you’ll start to see some major benefits come off that are as a result of such a small and easy change in your life. So let’s get down to the 15 benefits of drinking more water every day.

1. Clears up skin problems

13 Benefits Of Drinking More Water Every Day 1

Did you know that drinking water can actually help clear up that skin blemish you’ve had for a while now? Or if you’re prone to bad skin, increase your water intake and you’ll be sure to see a positive difference.

2. It keeps you hydrated in warm weather exercise

13 Benefits Of Drinking More Water Every Day 2

In warm weather we are more likely to sweat which is the direct result of your body being too warm and needing to get rid of internal waters. Therefore keeping the circulation going by drinking water will keep you feeling better for longer

3. It is great for your digestion


Water works how you’d expect it to work among a load of food. It lessens the burden on the kidneys by flushing out some foods by itself. Increase your water intake and maybe expect to poo a bit more but also expect to feel cleaner inside

4. In can actually improve your mood

13 Benefits Of Drinking More Water Every Day 3

If you ever find yourself just feeling a bit run down or grouchy then try having a good few glasses of cold water and you’ll likely see your temperature improve. It’s not uncommon for mild dehydration to cause bad moods.

5. Prevents headaches


13 Benefits Of Drinking More Water Every Day 4

If you find yourself somebody who gets headaches often then maybe you’re not hydrating your brain enough? It may sound a little silly but by not drinking enough water, your brain expands to try to get more liquids which is what causes the headache feeling.

6. It can help you sleep better

13 Benefits Of Drinking More Water Every Day 6

If you fill your body with plenty of water the following day, you’re more likely to not only be able to get to sleep better but also have a deeper sleep. This is due to your brain not feeling dehydrated throughout the night causing more relaxation as a whole.

7. It can give you energy in the morning

13 Benefits Of Drinking More Water Every Day 7

Having a glass of water first thing in the morning has proven to be almost as beneficial as a hearty breakfast and a coffee at helping you wake up after feeling a bit groggy in the morning. Your body hasn’t drunk for about 8-10 (depending on sleep obviously) and so needs a good pick-me-up.

8. It can make us feel hungry less

13 Benefits Of Drinking More Water Every Day 8

If you’re someone who finds yourself constantly snacking in between meals despite the fact you shouldn’t really feel hungry then maybe your thirsty. It’s not uncommon for our bodies to make us feel like we’re hungry when we’re in reality thirsty.

9. The best cure for hangovers

13 Benefits Of Drinking More Water Every Day 9

You may be looking around for some secret juice or food that gives you everything you need to cure a hangover. More often than not, you are simply dehydrated as that’s what alcohol does and so drinking plenty of water is sure to get rid of those hangover headaches.

10. Can make us work harder/think more clearly

13 Benefits Of Drinking More Water Every Day 10

Dehydration can cause shrinking of brain tissues and therefore, your brain has to work harder to do tasks that usually it wouldn’t find as difficult. This may be why around 4 in the afternoon you start to feel a bit bored and easily distracted at work. Hit up a glass of water and power through until that 5 o’clock tick on the clock.

11. It balances our internal fluids

13 Benefits Of Drinking More Water Every Day 11

About 60% of our body is made up of fluids and so drinking water balances out your internal fluids in a hugely positive way. It helps with transporting nutrients, aiding digestion, regulating temperature, and more.

12. Drinking water is good when ill

13 Benefits Of Drinking More Water Every Day 12

When we’re ill we find ourselves letting out a lot of fluids via sneezing, coughing, sniffling and urinating. Therefore, keeping your fluid intake up not only helps keeps your fluids balanced but helps flush out illnesses in your body.

13. Drinking is good for athletes

13 Benefits Of Drinking More Water Every Day 13

Muscles that don’t receive enough water and fluids can often shrink and shrivel which is what causes muscle fatigue. Therefore keeping yourself well hydrated before and during exercise is a must for any serious athlete.

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13 Benefits Of Drinking More Water Every Day

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