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Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 6 Pro – What’s New and Improved?

The Google Pixel 7 Pro and the Pixel 6 Pro are both high-end smartphones with impressive features despite the fact we already have Google Pixel 8 in hands.. The Pixel 7 Pro is the newer model, released in October 2022, while the Pixel 6 Pro was released a year earlier. Here’s a comparison of the two models. I know we’ve been going back and forth about the Pixel 7 Pro and 6 Pro, so let’s break it down and see if the newer model is worth the hype. Here’s a detailed comparison with some key points to consider but remember that the 7 Pro packs Google’s new Tensor G2 chip, which is claimed to be 60% faster in AI tasks than the Tensor chip in the 6 Pro.


This translates to smoother multitasking, faster app loading, and better performance in AI-powered features like Google Assistant and Magic Eraser.

#1 Camera Specifics


I) Super Res Zoom

Both phones can digitally zoom beyond their optical capabilities, but the 7 Pro’s Super Res Zoom uses AI to enhance detail and sharpness, making for cleaner zoomed-in shots.

II) Magic Eraser

Both phones possess this tool, but the 7 Pro takes it further with the ability to erase unwanted objects even in motion! Imagine removing distracting photobombers or unwanted elements from scenic vistas.

III) Video Specific Settings in Cameras

The 7 Pro shines with 4K60fps recording on all lenses, allowing for buttery smooth video capture across the main, ultrawide, and telephoto options. The 6 Pro is limited to 4K30fps on most lenses.

IV) Video Stabilization

Both have excellent stabilization, but the 7 Pro goes the extra mile. Think action shots, handheld vlogs, or shaky hands – the 7 Pro keeps your footage smooth as silk.

V) Main sensor

Both have a 50MP sensor, but the 7 Pro has a wider f/1.8 aperture. This means it captures more light, leading to brighter, sharper photos, especially in low-light conditions.

#2 Performance Comparison

While the 6 Pro holds its own, the 7 Pro’s Tensor G2 chip shows its teeth in AI-powered tasks, achieving significantly higher scores in benchmarks like AI Benchmark and AnTuTu. This translates to faster speech recognition, smoother live translations, and snappier performance in Google Assistant interactions. The Tensor G2 in the 7 Pro is a beast. Expect faster Google Assistant reactions, smoother real-time translations, and snappier voice commands. The 4K60fps on all lenses of the 7 Pro is a game-changer. Capture smooth, cinematic action videos or hyperlapses. The 6 Pro’s 4K30fps feels limited in comparison.

#3 Gaming

So these two smart phones are capable of handling even the most demanding games, but the 7 Pro’s higher frame rates and improved thermals provide a smoother and more stable gaming experience.
Other factors:

#4 Display

The 7 Pro boasts a slightly brighter and smoother 120Hz panel with LTPO technology, meaning it can dynamically adjust the refresh rate for better battery life without sacrificing smoothness.  So once again the 7 Pro’s camera bar is smaller and more refined, offering a sleeker aesthetic compared to the 6 Pro’s larger visor-like setup.

#5 Software updates

Both phones are supported by Google with timely updates, but the 7 Pro being the newer model guarantees longer software and security support, giving you peace of mind for the future.

#6 Low-Light Prowess

The 7 Pro’s wider aperture wins in dim scenes. Imagine capturing stunning night shots or restaurant ambiences without grain or blur.

#7 Telephoto Tango

5x optical zoom on the 7 Pro vs. 4x on the 6 Pro. Picture bringing faraway subjects closer for detailed wildlife shots or cityscapes.

#8 Beyond the Specs

i) Display Delight

The 7 Pro’s 120Hz LTPO panel adjusts refresh rate on the fly, saving battery while keeping things silky smooth. No more annoying stutters when scrolling.

ii) Design Decisions

The 7 Pro’s smaller camera bar is sleeker and less intrusive, while the 6 Pro’s visor might feel bulky for some. It’s all about personal preference.

iii) Futureproof Factor

The 7 Pro being the newer model guarantees longer software and security support. Peace of mind knowing your phone won’t be obsolete anytime soon.
But, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for the 7 Pro:

iv) Pricey Punch

Let’s be honest, it’s more expensive than the 6 Pro. Consider if the new features justify the extra cost.
Battery Blues: Both phones have good battery life, but the 6 Pro might edge out the 7 Pro slightly. Prioritize heavy usage? Then the 6 Pro might be your champ.

#8 Ultimately, the choice is yours

Upgrade if: You’re a photography enthusiast, gamer, or crave the latest tech. The 7 Pro’s camera upgrades, performance boost, and futureproof nature are enticing.

Stick with the 6 Pro if: You’re happy with its camera prowess, performance is sufficient for your needs, and budget is a concern. Remember, the 6 Pro is still a fantastic phone! Remember, this is just a guide. Dive into detailed reviews, compare sample photos and videos, and consider your needs and priorities.

#9 Performance Peeking


Machine Learning Magic: The 7 Pro’s Tensor G2 excels at on-device tasks like image recognition and translation. Imagine searching your gallery for “photos with my dog” within seconds or translating real-time conversations seamlessly.

Gaming Graphics: Both handle high-end games, but the 7 Pro pushes frames smoother and manages heat better. Picture playing graphically demanding titles for hours without lag or overheating.

#10 Beyond the Tech

Display Colors: The 7 Pro’s panel boasts richer, more vibrant colors, making photos and videos pop. Imagine watching movies with lifelike hues or editing photos with accurate color representation.

Water Resistance: Both withstand accidental splashes or brief submersion, but the 7 Pro’s rating is slightly deeper, offering extra peace of mind against poolside mishaps.

Software Features: The 7 Pro introduces cool new tricks like “Guided Frame” for selfies and “Call Screen” to block spam calls automatically. Imagine framing the perfect portrait every time or never being bothered by telemarketers again.
But be aware of these potential quirks:

Battery Drain: The AI-powered features of the 7 Pro might consume slightly more battery compared to the 6 Pro. If all-day battery life is your top priority, consider this trade-off.

Software Glitches: New phones sometimes have initial software bugs. While both are likely to receive timely updates, the 6 Pro has had more time to refine its software.

Learning Curve: The 7 Pro has some new features and gestures. Prepare for a slight learning curve compared to the familiar experience of the 6 Pro.
Remember, it’s a personal journey:

Foodies and travel bugs: The 7 Pro’s camera upgrades and video versatility are your allies. Capture stunning food close-ups or cinematic travel vlogs.

Power users and tech geeks: The 7 Pro’s performance boost and AI prowess will fuel your productivity and creativity. Imagine seamless multitasking, faster app loading, and smarter Google Assistant interactions.
Value seekers and casual users: The 6 Pro delivers fantastic camera quality, reliable performance, and a proven track record at a potentially lower price.

The 7 Pro has a few other noteworthy upgrades, like a brighter and slightly smoother 120Hz display, a more refined design with a smaller camera bar, and faster 30W wired charging. If you have a Pixel 6 Pro, upgrading to the 7 Pro isn’t a massive leap. The camera improvements are nice, but not a game-changer. The performance boost is noticeable, but the 6 Pro is still a very fast phone. If you’re coming from an older Pixel or another Android phone, the 7 Pro is a fantastic choice. It has a top-notch camera, excellent performance, and a great overall experience.

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Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 6 Pro – What’s New and Improved?

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