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5 Best TV Series About College Students

TV series about college students are usually amazing because they give you a glimpse into what college is like for different people. Whether you’re already in college, or you’re just about to join, you’ll enjoy them. Make sure you get the best collection of series that are both entertaining and educative.

College life is a huge determinant of how an individual will turn out in life. The friends in you make in college are likely to be your life-long friends. TV series about college teach you that you should take interactions seriously.

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You also learn that you have to invest time and effort to establish strong relationships. You cannot call someone your best friend if you never make time to see them. Make sure that you manage your time well, so you have time for your friends.

What many college students do not understand is, you don’t need to have so many friends to be happy. You can get all the nourishment you need from one friendship if it’s genuine and true.

After all, college life is so busy and maintaining many separate friendships can be difficult. You’re better off with a group of mutual friends ideally from the same course. This way, you can help each other with assignments or resort to online writing services like

Here are the 5 best TV series about college students you should consider watching.

1.     Coach

coach tv show

This amazing series aired between 1989 to 1997, but people still enjoy it to date. The series is about a football coach. He is a hardworking employee of Minnesota State University who hasn’t seen his daughter in a long time.

He later moves into an NFL position, and he takes his coaching staff with him. The series talks about his personal as well as professional life. We see a father doing his best to reconnect with a daughter he has not seen in 16 years. His daughter is a college student, and they’re having challenges as they try to rebuild their relationship.

2.     Blue Mountain State

blue mountain state photos

This is an original spike series with three seasons. It is a sitcom that narrates the hijackings of three college athletes. They’re working towards winning games for the football team at Blue Mountain State.

It has a raunchy style which you’ll like, and the plot twists will have you at the edge of your seat. This series does a great job at narrative the ordinary college life. 

3. A Different World

a different world seasons

I bet when you joined college, it felt like a whole new world. A Different World is a TV series that began as a spinoff of The Cosby Show. It features Lisa Bonet as she begins her college world; hence the name A Different world.

Later, Lisa Bonet left the show, and they had to introduce new characters. This series majors on the lives of African American students in college.

4.      Felicity

felicity tv show

This is a college-based series that features Keri Russell, as Felicity. It is a TV drama centered around Felicity, who is a Freshman. This TV series majors on the romantic relationships college students have and how it impacts their lives.

5.      Community

community tv show
Image Indiewire

This is a sitcom about college life. It delves into different personalities and talks about interactions in college. The series features lawyer friends who have an unhealthy obsession for pop culture.


Well, now you have 5 series that will take you a while to complete. You can now make the popcorn and find a cozy spot on your sofa. Remember that your life doesn’t have to turn out the same way as that of your favorite characters in any of these series.

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5 Best TV Series About College Students

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