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Family Shot Cottonwood Arizona Cop in Wild Walmart Brawl

Officers in Cottonwood Arizona were en-route to a brawl at Walmart when four officers arrived, Walmart employees along with other citizens were involved in a severel

The dashcam footage of the violent, and fatal, confrontation between members of the Gaver family and the Cottonwood police in the Wal-Mart parking lot in March 2015. Three people had to be shot when the Gavers were unstoppable during that incident, leaving one person dead and ending the career of a Cottonwood officer.

The video evidence of the brawl speaks the truth for itself.

Sheriff Mascher made absolutely the right call in having his officers equipped with body cams.

WalMart Cottonwood Arizona Dashcam Footage

FNN: Dashcam Video of WalMart Brawl And Shooting

Cottonwood police chief Jody Fanning reviews the dashcam footage from a brawl in a WalMart parking lot in March, 2015. Nine suspects and eight officers were involved. One suspect was killed, and an officer was shot in the leg. The police chief reviews the video twice, outlining exactly what happened.

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    1. Mandy Johnson Combs and that is exactly why the laws for police need to be changed , I feel that a police officer should be able to stop someone, and how would u like to be pushed around and thrown to the ground by a group?, what would u do?, they took your cell phone so now what would u do ?, u will fight, it is natural to fight back when someone is attacking you, the police should not have to deal with crap like this.

    1. sad, but Trump needs to pass a law for the police to be able to shoot , if the police would have shot them all, this wouldn’t have continued like this, the police needs more protection to protect their self, as long as they keep going like this, it will never stop and only get worse.

    1. Ummmm the officers where not even the first ones to shoot. This whole thing started over the gun the officer saw. Then she dropped it and one of your friends picked it up and shot the officer

  1. Does anyone know if there is any new information if any of the family members where convicted of any crimes or any of them spent time in jail? They showed the video and…thats it! They left it there never telling you what happen after! So what happen?

    1. you are right, all of a sudden there are tasers being used instead of guns, unless this department is minority and properly trained in how to “protect and serve”

    2. There is always someone who brings color into it. Get over it already not everything is about white or black. You should get a job at CNN nothing like starting more trouble!

    1. Nope none of them were made to lay flat!! I’m not saying they didn’t get what they deserve but there was no control or back up!! Must have been in a small town without a lot of back up.

    2. Must have been in a small town without liberal hippy family cults that shoot and fight police officers. They typically have no need to use such force until some liberals come around.

    3. There were two cops and they were attacked by six men. Every time they got someone down, they would get attacked by another person.

      Backup got there eventually, but even having one of their brothers shot and killed didn’t stop these animals.

    1. The two who were shot (one died) were 18 and 21. They were shot while trying to disarm the cop who eventually gets carried off.

      Right around 2:00 you see the melee in the center right of the screen and you can see the struggle and hear the cop shout out multiple times, “he has my gun! “

  2. When an officer is going to arrest you, you don’t fight. When you are told get on the ground and you still fight, what did you think would happen? Idiots. Then you gang up on them?? Are you dim??? At some point you are asking to be shot. And the officers showed great restraint in not killing one of them. Which they would have had justification in doing.

    1. Sean Walker
      Looks like the Nazi against liberals. Its hard to tell. But looks like trash either way. But your right Trump supporters have no tears. Only the liberal dems are cry babies. Politics have nothing to do with the moral standards of today.. I have never seen the democrats stoop so low and cause so much havoc, all because they lost. I was a democrat, but not for that lying trader Hilliary. One Clinton jackoff was enough embarrassment. Get real Sean.

    2. It’s so sad how tRumpers are always saying “you lost get over it” because it’s the only​ thing they have. The Tangerine Twatwaffle hasn’t been able to do anything but play golf and lose members of his cabinet. They take about job creation and the economy but thats still Obama’s work until October, then we’ll see everything President Dump has done… Nothing! His followers are delusional and are holding on to that tainted victory until he’s hauled off to jail. Just to clarify it’s not losing the election everyone is upset about it’s the daily travesty that is the tRump administration reality show. He and you disgrace this country. I have faith your end is near.

    1. Why if you think they should kill kids for fighting maybe they should shoot you fit speeding or yelling at your kids heck shoot anyone who doesn’t follow orders especially if they are fat and burly

    2. Keith Camp it looked like the policeman was injured. Notice the tourniquet around his bare leg. Tasers didn’t seem to convince the crowd. Nor the night sticks. A bat would have been more persuasive.

    3. The guy who was shot was trying to take the gun from the holster.

      During the struggle, you can hear the cop shout, “he has my gun!” The firearm went of twice and shot the cop and an 18 year old in the leg.

      The struggle continues and the gun fires of again, shooting the 21 year old in the stomach. He dies pretty much right away.

      Don’t feel sorry for these people, they attacked Wal-Mart employees to start this whole thing off, and then attack two cops… eventually trying to disarm one.

    1. They did. If I remember correctly (thus was liked three or four years ago) a couple guys tackle the cop (who gets carried away toward the end) in the center left of the screen and one of them goes for his gun.

      There’s a struggle and the gun fires and hits the cop in the leg. He then shoots the guy but he keeps fighting, and the other cop shoots him.

      He’s blurred out in this video, but he’s laying there for about a quarter of the video

  3. You fucking morons this vid is from along time ago way before trunp shit they probably voted obame just for the free shit but that said would you protect your family I would

  4. Pretty sure the shorter of the original two cops shot his partner too if you watch closer 2:44 I wonder if he passed his weapon off to the other who was wounded ? Or what the report says would be interesting at least to know what kicked off this batch of dumbfucks to brawl…

  5. You know all cops over US should just go on strike for week and let’s see how many people beg for them back . Bet half ones on here that hate cops will be ones begging they come rescue them from violence that will occur

    1. Problem is no matter how cops do there jobs people complain. Oh to rough oh he shot him cause he was black oh he didn’t shot him cause he white. There are good cops and handful of power strippers but sure seems everybody cops shot are breaking law or have long records but there mom swears he was good boy just missunderstood then when someone kills cop it’s innocent good cop deserved it cause Black lives matter or some stupid reason. Weed out bad cops and keep good by body cams plain and simple

  6. Michael Mckain Ive never seen them save knowone in a robbery you think someone going to do it while they around or what you must be a cop yall are paper pusher cant stop violence.

    1. In a robbery, it happens too fast for the cops to get there most of the time unless one just happens to be there anyway, but then the robbers wouldn’t choose that time to pull it off. But domestic disputes often go on for some time, and they can often get there to help stop violence. Those are also usually the most dangerous for the cops.

    1. Russell Mims cops these days can’t be judged by society they are outside of society because the uniforms made them think they’re not part of the society. The cops came in kicking, punching that from a distance they are more like any of that family members. More cops rushed in then more punching, kicking like thugs from two gangs fighting over business. That’s why they won’t stand a chance without uniforms and others can do whatever they want, not just cops.

    1. They were using all of that. I literally seen one get tazed, one walk away rubbing his eyes, and a cops asp baton out over his head.
      They were calling the cops Nazis lmao. Poor snowflakes.

    2. Jesse Woolard it is a shame that today’s society has been poisoned against the very people who have been hired to help us. The police are being disrespected like never before because of far leftist Liberals and the young generation that has been taught that disrespect.

    1. Watch the video. One of the first guys who takes his jacket off. Follow him around. I don’t know how many fights you have been in but you don’t take hits like that and continue. Also follow him over and watch him fall down without even being touched. The audio is just a garbled mess enough to believe there is trouble. This is a fake.

    1. If I was there they would been shot. I don’t discriminate. Color doesn’t mean anything to me. If you mess up, I’ll pop a dozen caps in your black ass, your white ass, your brown ass. In your dead ass.

      Don’t be a stupid dead ass.

    1. The officer was shot and a family member was blurred out upper right corner, with a female crying over the body!!! And that’s at the very least, we can’t see past the truck.

    2. Your mom is a snowflake and what I saw was like five minutes of wrestling around it’s weird how they can get into a brawl and wait for ever to start shooting people but others they want to shoot when they ask for i.d.

    1. Those stats are questionable. And, trust me, I am not speaking in support of criminal behavior. I see zero crime incidents where I live, so I have no first hand knowledge of behaviors. Unfortunately, I have only the narrative provided by main stream media. I will believe the stats if they are provided in a more scholarly fashion. Otherwise I will continue to be educated by the biased, manipulative and placating media. Oh, did I say placating? Surely I meant provocative. Right??

    1. John Otto so I take it you disagree? Not only were those people hillbillies but they were probably cousins and uncle’s of those cops don’t be mad at the truth trumpet. As far as douche bag goes, I am a douche bag but your sister loves me anyway

    2. Theron Donnell you obviously grew up in a very nice suburban neighborhood surrounded by white folks like yourself. Go ahead and believe that the statistics that were put out there by resources I have no idea what they’re talking about.

    3. David Ybarra always has to be the one buttercup in the crowd that pulls the race card. Hate to tell you wise ass but more whites are shot by cops than blacks. Because we’re just going to let the black and brown take themselves out.

    1. I have news for you brain surgeon trump supporters would have actually been around and helped the cops I’m sure they were for Bernie or Hilary since looked like they were camping at Walmart.

  7. What a cluster fuck. These cops had no plan and allowed their force to be divided and no one knew who was where and what was going on. The official report on this stops just shy of saying the use of deadly force in killing the young man was not justified and worse no one knew for a critical amount of time that officer shot himself in the leg. Total mess.

  8. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with them people were on there’s some crazy ass crackers right there you know they was all high on meth or something never f*** with cops

  9. Ummm…officers this is the RIGHT time to shoot!! Not when someone is walking away or walking with some skittles and tea. Or sitting in their car while pulled over for a traffic violation. When the police start to be hit and turned against that’s when you shoot! Smh

    1. The shit with Levar Jones is fucked up. Imagine if he had a conceal carry permit with appendix carry. Rookie LEO could have cited that and got off scott free. Shit is terrifying.

  10. Not sure what’s going on and can only see one angle of the video but to me after watchijg the start like 20 times the one dude walks in front of one officer and says don’t touch me and that big cop from behind plows one to the ground. These people are either doped out of their minds or are mrdd. The one guy keeps yelling your hitting children how old is everyone there? Is there a link to a news story to provide more information id really like to know what happened. I did see a cop kick someone in the head but holly shit this was nuts.

  11. Some must go to a different Wal Mart than I do. Never seen it in Ca., Oregon or Washington? I go most of the time during the day, sometimes night. But I see no other cars there, maybe people go way out in dark parking lot or after store closes. Most stay open forever. They must like to fight lol

Family Shot Cottonwood Arizona Cop in Wild Walmart Brawl

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