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It is Legal to Own A Monkey in NYC For Domestic Help

Yes, it is the law. It allows you to own a monkey for your service in some serious health conditions. Although the law would not allow many animals that may be kept for pets in NYC. There are a great number of animals banned in New York City.

So how come one can keep a monkey in home legally in NYC?

According to the law,

“It’s legal in New York to own a monkey if you’re paralyzed and the monkey is trained to perform household tasks for you.”

Here are some of the exotic animals which are banned in NYC:

What do you consider to be a ‘wild animal’? New York City has a rather elaborate and comprehensive list of the animals that are defined as wild animals (Health Code 161.01)

All dogs which are not domesticated.

animals banned in nyc

Wolves, coyotes, hyenas all seem dangerous no longer belong in a New York City apartment.

All cats other than domesticated cats.

Savannah, Bengal and hybrid cats are forbidden by law.


“All fur bearing mammals of the family Mustelidae” such as badgers, weasels, minks as well as otters are prohibited, which might sound reasonable to people but remember they also include ferrets.

Some other popular banned animals in NYC include:

All carnivorous mammals of the family Viverridae, all type of squirrels (Sciuridae), arachnida and Chilopoda etc.

Why trained monkeys are allowed in NYC?

monkey butler1

According to the  section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986  

A person who is paralyzed from the neck down who possesses a new world monkey trained to perform tasks for its owner by an organization described in the above section and dedicated to improving the quality of life of persons paralyzed from the neck down.

So if someone is paralyzed from the neck down can keep a trained monkey to perform daily domestic chores for him to improve the life of a person.

It further ads the condition: Any person who possesses or harbors a wild animal for use as a pet at the time that this section takes effect may retain possession of such animal for the remainder of its life, provided that such person:

a) that he has never been convicted for any harm to animals or animal cruelty.
b) He must abide by the laws and get a proper permit from the city, town administration, must consult to animal control authorities in any case that might be harmful to the society and shall be subjected to penalties if the monkey escapes in the period of 12 months.
To obtain the license the person would have to provide all the information such as address, bio-data including age (which has to be not less than 21) and also details about monkey such as species, gender, age and its own health including tattoos if it has any.
So if you are paralyzed and think that you can get a trained monkey for domestic help, this is for you.


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It is Legal to Own A Monkey in NYC For Domestic Help

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