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The 9 Highest Paying Jobs In 2017

Everyone scours the job market in search of high paying jobs, it’s everyone’s dream to earn a lot of money. We sometimes struggle to find the desirable jobs where we can earn the salaries we want. So to help you all, here is a list of the highest paying jobs of 2017 so that you can decide what to do in your career.  

9. Air Traffic Controller:

The average salary for a properly qualified FAA air traffic controller is around $138,800. It can be less or more depending upon the exact location. The salary is higher where there is more air traffic as there are more outbound and unbound flights that require air traffic control. The job however is very stressful because of the many lives which are at stake. The starting salary is something around $50,000 per year, and it can go up to $200,000 annually.


8. Sales Manager:

The salaries in sales are variable, these can be greater or lower based on commissions and bonuses. And along with that, the pay can also be dependent up on the positions within a company. Sales managers that work in retail stores for example would normally earn less than other managers at other companies. The average salary is around $71,000, but this comes at number 8 as this has the opportunity to possibly earn a far greater salary due to the above mentioned bonuses and commissions.


7. Financial Manager:

This is much like the sales manager position as the average nationally falls at $103,500, however with commissions and bonuses, they can earn far more. The starting salary can be something around $76,000. However much like the sales manager, if the financial manager is enterprising, they can earn far more.


6. Petroleum Engineer:

The entry level pays in this job are very high, they stand at around $86,000. The average salary across the country stands at around $109,600, and the top level average is $150,000. Different companies have different pays of course, as BP has a starter pay of $94,000 compared to Chevron’s $90,000. This also varies when it comes to the highest earners in each company, for example, BP pays a max salary of $208,000, and Exxon Mobil pays $216,000.


5. Airline Pilot:

The starting salary in this profession is only $46,000. This is because pilots normally start with flying smaller routes as they aim to gain the necessary experience. Once the pilots move on to larger planes, so does their salary as it swells up. The average for airline pilots in the country is $121,914. The maximum salary increases, and it varies from company to company, for example, United Airlines pays $250,000, while Delta pays $215,000. Experienced pilots can be paid a lot for their services.


4. Engineering and Architectural Manager:

Both of these jobs have an average salary somewhere around $118,600, and the starting salary at nearly $86,000. This is the basic salary without the bonuses included. The bonuses are normally handed when the jobs assigned are done under the given budget, or on time. Without the bonuses, the highest earners can make around $170,000, and the average is around $120,000 when the bonuses are added.


3. Dentist:

The medical field normally produces the highest paying jobs, and the three top entries are all from the same field. Dentists earn an average of $133,780, and the entry level pay is $102,000, which is fairly high. And if someone opens a private practice, then the earning can be much higher. The national top salary is $173,000, but this is greatly variable with the reputation of the dentist and the practice.


2. Surgeon:

The national average of a surgeon is $355,800, and the starting is at $250,900. Top level surgeons make around $500,000 on average, and surgeons with very high reputations can make over $1 million dollars. The national averages and starting positions in this field are much higher than most of the jobs in the nation, and with an enhanced reputation, the pay can increase much more and be far greater.


1.  Anaesthesiologist:

Anesthesiologists perform the preparatory work for the surgeons before they operate. They perform tasks such as preparing the drug combinations for the patients that require surgery. These earn on average $351,300, and start at $261,600. The top level earners can make around $450,000, and as there are more surgeons than anesthesiologists, they have a greater demand, which increases their chances of earning more. Their salary is also impacted by the insurances in the medical field.hp-9-anesth.jpg

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The 9 Highest Paying Jobs In 2017

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