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Venezuelan Army & Civil Defense Militias Training & Exercises After Trump Threat

President Trump's possible military action threat against Venezuela ensues a series of civil training to defend their country.

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela holding nationwide armed forces regular exercises since Saturday, a general announcement has been made and calling on civilians to join reserve military units to defend Venezuela against the possible attack after U.S. President Donald Trump warned that a “military option” was on the being discussed on his table for the crisis-hit country.


President made the threat fortnight ago and on Friday he signed an order as well which prohibits US dealings in new debt from the Venezuelan government or even its oil companies, a move to completely put an embargo on financing that Trump says is triggering socialist President Nicolas Maduro’s “dictatorship.”


“Against the belligerent threats of the United States, all Venezuelans between the ages of 18 and 60 are required to contribute to the integral defense of the nation,” said an announcement broadcast last Saturday on national Venezuelan television.

Maduro, in response, used Trump’s threat to try to energize his political fellowship, broadcasting images and footage of rifle-carrying civilians (men, women and children) negotiating obstacle courses and military drills and learning hand-to-hand combating tactics. The government created the hashtag #EsHoraDeDefenderLaPatria, which translates as “It’s Time To Defend The Homeland,” to promote the cause and motivate civilians to partake in exercises.

The recent footage and images on TV showed Venezuelans teens and adults entering military reserve registration centers and participating in exercises. However according to Reuters, there was no evidence surfaced that registration of general public reached far beyond government officials and Maduro’s Socialist Party loyalists.


Some of intense scenes were aired on national t.v. of camouflaged sharp-shooters firing their weapons while military commanders were delivering fiery speeches at “anti-imperialist” rallies. More exercises are scheduled for the week.

The idea had been laughed off as unnecessary and very absurd by the democrats and U.S. officials before Trump said on Aug. 11 that “a military option is certainly something we could pursue” as a way to end Venezuela’s crisis.


Venezuela Army Trains For Possible US Military Action

Venezuela's army has started two days of exercises aimed at deterring possible military intervention by the United States.

Earlier this month, US President Donald Trump warned of a “military option” against Venezuela, as President Nicolas Maduro consolidated his power.

Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman reports from Caracas.

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  1. I give it about the same time frame as the Battle of the Rosebud ( Little Bighorn ) or the final Battle of the Alamo. Both lasted about 20 minutes. Maybe a battalion of Marines is needed?

    1. Arthur Scholes actually the Battle of the Alamo was between Mexico and the Republic of Texas, it was an independent country during that period, the United States was not involved.

    2. Owen Thomas, okay, here’s the correlation. Both of those battles lasted about 20 to 25 minutes. Just about the time it would take to sit down and eat a lunch. It would take the Marines just about 25 minutes to take out Venezuela. Do you get it yet? I know they were two separate battles! Jesus H Christ!!!!

    1. A government about to fall. Many military units, and commands have declined to follow their president. Resistance is building up. They sense a US intervention, and the people are happy, the gov is shitting briks.

    1. What’s the best way to fix the starving people? Population control. Why waste food on people you know you can’t feed everyone so send them to war and you’ll have enough mouths to feed

  2. A dictatorship forcing woman and children to fight to protect them…. reminds you of a socialist regime from the 40’s doesn’t it. That plan didn’t work for the last country either. Arming every last person to fight for their country only works if…. you know,…. people actually want to fight for their country.

  3. I am from Venezuela, this kinda stuff is not made it make the US fear to us, is to make people believe a war is close… many people really believe we have a good army and we have to support any desition make it by the president. to forget about food, medicine, education, economy and real problem we see every day.

    Remember in Venezuela many people don’t have any access to internet and also many people just can see governmental channels, they make people believe what they want

  4. This has to be a joke. Half the people have their kevlar helmets on backwards, they can afford to arm their people but not feed their people and there’s a midget… this is satire right?

Venezuelan Army & Civil Defense Militias Training & Exercises After Trump Threat

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